Building An Effective Decision-Making Organization

Providing the Knowledge, Skills and Frameworks to Understand, Produce, and Execute Good Business Decisions. Scroll down to view the full course outline.

Course Description

*Note:  This course is presently being revamped and updated.  The existing modules will be replaced as they are completed.  Any person registering for the course will receive all of the new materials as they become available.

This is the online version of Tyra’s one-day Decision Mastery Workshop, designed to improve your organization’s decision-making skills and processes.

In today's business environment it’s important to know that you’re making the best possible decisions. A good decision process must produce decisions that are auditable, reproducible, fully considered and executable. This requires skilled people using well-defined processes in a business culture that enables good decision making.

As you and your team go through the course, you’ll improve how you work together, and better align your work to your organization’s strategic goals.

Throughout the course you will find "Action Notes". These interactive notes allow you to apply the concepts discussed in the course directly to your organization. Combined with the online forum, Action Notes provide the support needed for you to use the course to improve your organization's decision making.

When you’ve finished this course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of decision-making processes that will give your company the edge it needs to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

We know that you will get value from the course but if you're not satisfied we offer a full money back guarantee

The course is delivered as easy-to-manage modules that combine to explore five main themes.

Decision Making: Definition, Context and Approaches

We explore decisions and decision making. You’ll understand the context that surrounds decision-making. We’ll examine the roles that decisions play in the organization and the different styles of decision-making.

The Four Horsemen of Bad Decision-Making

We dig into the science behind how we make decisions. You’ll develop an understanding of what leads to bad decisions and explore the four critical areas that lead to poor decision-making.

Principles of Decision Making

We discuss the first principles of good decision making. You’ll review and understand the patterns of effective decision making and how they can be tuned to fit an organization's culture and business environment.

Making Good Decisions

We talk about the business and cultural environment that impacts decisions in your organization. We’ll give you the tools to understand the existing processes that are used to support decision-making today.

We talk about the importance of aligning decisions with corporate strategy and business priorities. We’ll discuss the need for approaching decision-making in a way that can adapt to business constraints and control for human factors.

Putting It All Together

We review the components of good decision-making, and summarize the criteria used to measure the success of decision-making processes. We describe and discuss the characteristics of a good decision-making organization, and explore the common steps that characterize all decision-making processes.

What's included?

25 Videos
1 Text
 Glenn Krahulic & Peter Walters
Glenn Krahulic & Peter Walters

About the instructor

Glenn is owner and CEO of Tyra Information Strategies. Glenn has been providing solutions to utilities, government, and resource companies for more than 20 years. He helps organizations identify, plan and integrate technical solutions with business processes and practices to effectively achieve desired business outcomes.

Peter was an Assistant Deputy Minister in British Columbia’s tourism, natural resource, and Aboriginal relations ministries. Peter leads workshops on writing, strategic thinking and First Nations relations, produces video training courses and continues to work on projects with BC’s First Nations and businesses.

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Peter Saulnier

Comprehensive course

This is a very comprehensive course, professionally designed and produced, which covers all the important aspects of effective decision making. For anyone tasked with making important decisions - big or small - this is an excellent resource.

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Building an Effective Decision-Making Organization