Does Conflict Improve Decision Making

Can Good Decisions be Made in an Environment Where Everyone is In Agreement and Non-confrontational?

Does a collaborative environment mean that team interactions need to be harmonious? Does friction and disagreement improve decision making or hinder it?

This mini-course looks at two alternate viewpoints on the role of conflict in decision making. It reviews the science around the factors that affect and are affected by team and interpersonal conflict.

Recognizing that creative and innovative decision making is often stifled by team dynamics it proposes a way forward that differentiates between a team making decisions and a team taking action.

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Does Conflict Improve Decision Making

What's included?

1 Video
 Glenn Krahulic & Peter Walters
Glenn Krahulic & Peter Walters

About the instructor

Glenn is owner and CEO of Tyra Information Strategies. Glenn has been providing solutions to utilities, government, and resource companies for more than 20 years. He helps organizations identify, plan and integrate technical solutions with business processes and practices to effectively achieve desired business outcomes.

Peter was an Assistant Deputy Minister in British Columbia’s tourism, natural resource, and Aboriginal relations ministries. Peter leads workshops on writing, strategic thinking and First Nations relations, produces video training courses and continues to work on projects with BC’s First Nations and businesses.

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