Improve Decision Making to Improve Project Success

Good Decision Making is the Most Basic Contributing Factor to Project Success

Over the last ten years companies have made significant investments in project management in order to reduce the financial and operational costs of project failure. While some success has been achieved on cost control and new approaches are better at delivering business value project overhead has increased but project value has decreased.

This mini-course looks at the root causes and what we can do to improve the success of projects at both the corporate and project level. It looks at seven key habits that good project managers can use to improve decision making.

Finally, it discusses the steps that you can take to enable good decision making throughout the lifecycle of a project

Course Curriculum

Improve Decision Making to Improve Project Success

What's included?

1 Video
 Glenn Krahulic & Peter Walters
Glenn Krahulic & Peter Walters

About the instructor

Glenn is owner and CEO of Tyra Information Strategies. Glenn has been providing solutions to utilities, government, and resource companies for more than 20 years. He helps organizations identify, plan and integrate technical solutions with business processes and practices to effectively achieve desired business outcomes.

Peter was an Assistant Deputy Minister in British Columbia’s tourism, natural resource, and Aboriginal relations ministries. Peter leads workshops on writing, strategic thinking and First Nations relations, produces video training courses and continues to work on projects with BC’s First Nations and businesses.

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