Organizations Don't Make Decisions - People Do

Is it individual decision-making skills or organizational context that determines business decisions?

Some researchers have suggested that only people make decisions so we can understand decision making in organizations by understanding how individuals make decisions.  Others suggest that decision making is more complex.

This course reviews their respective positions and argues that it is the organization that makes corporate decisions and not the individual.  It then reviews how organizations can get better at making decisions.

Course Curriculum

Organizations Don't Make Decisions - People Do

What's included?

1 Video
 Glenn Krahulic & Peter Walters
Glenn Krahulic & Peter Walters

About the instructor

Glenn is owner and CEO of Tyra Information Strategies. Glenn has been providing solutions to utilities, government, and resource companies for more than 20 years. He helps organizations identify, plan and integrate technical solutions with business processes and practices to effectively achieve desired business outcomes.

Peter was an Assistant Deputy Minister in British Columbia’s tourism, natural resource, and Aboriginal relations ministries. Peter leads workshops on writing, strategic thinking and First Nations relations, produces video training courses and continues to work on projects with BC’s First Nations and businesses.

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